Call for Papers: African Sport in the Global Arena – Contemporary Approaches and Analyses

Call for Papers, Special Issue of Critical African Studies

African Sport in the Global Arena: Contemporary Approaches and Analyses

cfp-casSport is performed, played, followed and supported across Africa. At the elite level of global sport, east African nations continue to dominate long-distance running, evidenced by the success at the 2012 Olympic Games, while South Africa produces world beating cricket and rugby union sides. Sports fans connect to a global nexus of identity through the support and consumption of global sporting brands; heated debates over Manchester United’s team selection take place in everyday lives throughout the continent. Media regularly reproduces images of global superstars while fans wear replica shirts with the name of their favourite player. Yet sport does not occur in a vacuum. Discourses of national unity and pan-Africanism through sport are contrasted by divisions based on race, ethnicity, class and gender. Despite the success of elite African sportspeople, uneven talent migration, underdeveloped domestic sporting competitions and a sports fandom often focussing on sport outside of the continent emphasise Africa’s marginalised position in global sport.

While sport can be both mundane and extraordinary, African sport remains marginalised in the wider context of sports studies and African Studies. This special issue of Critical African Studies seeks to critically engage with African sport from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. We welcome papers on a diverse range of African sports, including (but not limited to) football, rugby, athletics, cricket, long-distance running, boxing, wrestling, martial arts, basketball and baseball.

We invite papers that address sport in Africa, especially those that consider the following themes: – theorising African sport – relationship between sport and development – sport and health – sport, race and class – sport, nation and pan-Africanism – sport and disability – sport and gender – sport and social change – sport and migration – sport and modernisation/modernity – sport and equality – sport and fandom – sport and identity – representations of sport in mass media and popular culture (including newspapers, magazines, television, social media, film, comics and cartoons)

Articles should be 8,000-12,000 words in length. Please follow the instructions for authors, style guidelines and submission procedure as stated on the journal homepage on the Taylor & Francis website: . The deadline for full papers is 1 December 2013.

Please contact the editors in advance to indicate your intention to submit, to discuss your article proposal or if you have any queries: Dr Lizelle Bisschoff and Dr Marc Fletcher.

About Critical African Studies:
Critical African Studies prioritise papers that provoke critical debate and take a fresh approach to key and emergent social, political, economic and cultural issues affecting Africa. In particular, we encourage pieces of critical inquiry that question or subvert long-held or widely-assumed truths, especially concerning disciplinary boundaries. We aim to establish and consolidate new theoretical and empirical ground in Africanist research. We seek to encourage adventurous theoretical development, accounts of positive everyday experiences, and an appreciation of the long view. Our intention therefore is to promote the deployment of thorough empirical work for the purposes of sophisticated theoretical innovation.

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