Call for Papers: 21st Century Sport Communication Professionals

International Journal of Sport Communication Special Issue

21st Century Sport Communication Professionals

Guest Editor: Dr. Edward (Ted) M. Kian, Oklahoma State University, USA


ijsc300As the sport communication industry has evolved in the Internet era, so have the positions and job responsibilities for sport communication professionals. It is now a necessity for many journalists and communication professionals to utilize a convergence of media skills in their vocations, such as writing for print, shooting video, blogging, appearing on camera, etc. (Boyle & Whannel, 2010). Moreover, the advent of the Internet and subsequent downfall of more traditional media (e.g., newspapers, magazines) has altered long-standing, career advancement norms in sport communication, enabling some with less experience to quickly ascend to marquee positions, while many veterans were laid off over the past two decades (Kian & Zimmerman, 2012).

Most published sport communication research over the past 30 years focused on media content. Less scholarship has centered on media gatekeepers who assign, produce, and edit that content. Further, several of the seminal studies on sport communication professionals were published before the advent of the Internet transformed the industry (e.g., Creedon, 1994; Lowes, 1997; Theberge & Cronk, 1986). Accordingly, it is past time to dedicate a special issue that focuses on sport communication professionals from all types of sport media and public relations. Thus, a purpose of this special issue is to focus on the actual sport communication gatekeepers who produce the content that helps shape our opinions, and lets us know which sports and athletes are most worthy of public attention.

Submissions are welcome on any analysis related to sport communication professionals. Whereas all topics related to sport communication professionals will be considered, examples of possible foci, issues, and topical areas include:

  • Work routines of sport communication professionals from any medium or sector
  • Multimedia convergent skills needed or used in 21st Century sport communication
  • Ethics in sport communication
  • The influence of the Internet on the sport communication profession
  • Attitudes of sport communication professionals
  • Changing roles and definitions of sport media gatekeepers
  • Experiences of sport communication professionals
  • Effects of the economic recession and/or corporate consolidation on sport communication professionals
  • The impact of sex, gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality, etc. on sport communication professionals
  • Leadership styles in 21st Century sport communication

Deadline for submissions: July 31, 2013. Publication Issue: Volume 6(4) – December 2013

Edward (Ted) M. Kian, Ph.D. – the guest editor of this special issue – can be reached at To submit a manuscript, however, please go through the regular submission steps found at the IJSC website (please see link below). In the cover letter to the IJSC editor (Paul M. Pedersen, Ph.D., Indiana University), simply note that the submission is for the 21st Century Sport Communication Professionals special issue.

Submission Guidelines:

IJSC Special Issue:


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