Call for Editors and Writers | Research in the Sociology of Sport | Book Series from Emerald Publishing

Series Editor: Kevin Young, University of Calgary, Canada

Research in the Sociology of Sport (RSS) reflects the current themes in the sociology of sport and also captures innovative trends as they emerge in the work of scholars across the globe. The series brings together research from experts on established topics whilst also directing attention to themes that are at the ’cutting-edge’ of this sub-discipline. 

Forthcoming and recent titles in this series

      • Sport, Alcohol and Social Inquiry: A Global Cocktail Vol: 14 Edited by Sarah Gee | 9781787698420 | Aug 2020 | Hardback | 224 pages | £70.00 $100.00
      • Sport and the Environment: Politics and Preferred Futures Vol: 13 Edited by Brian Wilson, Brad Millington | 9781787690301 | Jul 2020 | Hardback | 202 pages | £70.00 $100.00
      • The Suffering Body in Sport: Shifting Thresholds of Pain, Risk and Injury Vol: 12 Edited by Kevin Young | 9781787560697 | Jul 2019 | Hardback | 216 pages | £66.95 $114.95
      • Sport, Mental Illness and Sociology Vol: 11 Edited by Michael Atkinson | 9781787434707 | Dec 2018 | Hardback | 208 pages | £70.99 $114.95

A complete list of RSS volumes can be found at

Guest Editing and writing for the series

If you are interested in Guest Editing or writing a book for the series, please contact the editor Kevin Young at, detailing the topic, content and rationale of your proposed contribution. 

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