Announcing… the first issue of Sport & Entertainment Review!

ser-dsWe are proud to announce the release of the first issue of Sport & Entertainment Review with contributions of David Berri, Dan Rascher & Michael Goldman, Mary Hums & Eli Wolff, and Chad Seifried and Bob Heere.

The first issue contains three review articles, all aimed at addressing how theory and the authors work has impacted the field, or could potentially impact the field. The first issue also contains one special contribution, titled ‘Practice in the field: beyond the publication’, which hopefully will be a recurring section in which we allow authors to outline how they have worked with the industry over the course of their careers.

The purpose of this journal can be best illustrated by the following quote taken from the Editorial Notes in the first issue, and in which Chad and Bob build off the classic article written by Jim Weese back in 1995 for the Journal of Sport Management:

It made us [the editors] realize that sport management scholars have taken up the challenge of Weese and are working closely with practitioners, yet it seems that we are hardly aware of these efforts as we have failed to answer the call on the second point. We believe that so far, the field of sport and entertainment management has yet to find an outlet to communicate our research efforts with the industry to the outside world, and in a style and language that is open and inviting for practitioners to read.

This is that outlet

Here are the links (both links will remain active until April 1st):

  1. – The link takes you to the main page of Sport & Entertainment Review. At the bottom of the page you will find a link to the articles (which each can be downloaded separately)
  2.​ – This is a direct link to the entire issue.

We hope you all enjoy the first issue and take some time to go through it. Of course, we also hope that if you like the journal, you will let us know, so we can help you convince your librarians to take on this journal.

Lastly: We hope that all of you will consider our journal for publication. Our review process initially only requires a 500-750 words (see guidelines on our website) proposal, which will hopefully make it a lot easier for many of you to explore this opportunity.

Bob & Chad

  • Dr. Bob Heere
    Editor Sport & Entertainment Review
    Associate Professor    |     PhD Program Director
    College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management
    University of South Carolina
    Carolina Coliseum, Room 2026m
    Columbia, SC 29201
    803-777 9679
  • Chad Seifried
    Associate Editor Sport & Entertainment Review
    College of Human Sciences and Education
    L.M. “Pat” and Mildred Harrison Endowed Professor
    School of Kinesiology Graduate Coordinator
    Louisiana State University
    112 Huey P. Long Field House
    Baton Rouge, LA 70803
    Cell: 814-571-5409
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