Sport Sciences for Health, Vol. 14, 2018, Issue 1


Effects of resistance training on oxidative stress-related biomarkers in metabolic diseases: a review
T. Gacitua, L. Karachon, E. Romero, P. Parra, C. Poblete, J. Russell & Ramón Rodrigo

Original Articles

The use of Focus Group Interviews to define the perceived importance of competencies related to the entrepreneurship as starting point for a new career in European athletes: an AtLETyC study
Corrado Lupo, Paolo Riccardo Brustio, Elizabeta Valentic, Doris Kiendl, Rene Wenzel, Wolfgang Stockinger, Irena Valantine, Inga Staskeviciute-Butiene, Izet Rađo, Dino Mujkić, Sujit Chaudhuri, Judit Farkas, Mojca Doupona Topic & Flavia Guidotti

Aerobic capacities, anaerobic power, and anthropometric characteristics of elite female canoe polo players based on playing position
Mohsen Sheykhlouvand & Scott C. Forbes

Autonomic cardiac function, body composition and cardiorespiratory fitness changes in adolescents after a multidisciplinary obesity treatment program: a feasibility study
João Carlos Locateli, Danilo Fernandes da Silva, Josiane Aparecida Alves Bianchini, Carlos Andres Lopera, Jessica McNeil, Zachary M. Ferraro & Nelson Nardo Junior

Forecasting of rehabilitation treatment in sufferers from lateral displacement of patella using artificial intelligence
Atiye Karimzadehfini, Reza Mahdavinejad, Vahid Zolaktaf & Babak Vahdatpour

Aerobic exercise training improves physical performance of patients with binge-eating disorder
Letizia Galasso, Angela Montaruli, Eleonora Bruno, Cristiana Pesenti, Stefano Erzegovesi, Emiliano Cè, Giuseppe Coratella, Eliana Roveda & Fabio Esposito

Testosterone and cortisol response to acute intermittent and continuous aerobic exercise in sedentary men
Mohammad Amin Ahmadi, Abdossaleh Zar, Peter Krustrup & Fatemeh Ahmadi

The effects of conventional and oval chainrings on patellofemoral loading during road cycling: an exploration using musculoskeletal simulation
Jonathan Sinclair, Philip Stainton & Benjamin Sant

Acute downhill running does not induce fat oxidation
Shaea A. Alkahtani

Short duration static stretching preceded by cycling warm-up reduces vertical jump performance in healthy males
Clarissa M. Brusco, Marcelo G. Pompermayer, Bruna W. Esnaola, Claudia S. Lima & Ronei S. Pinto

Time color map and histogram of electromyography (EMG) sample amplitudes: possible tools for global electromyogram analysis by images
Claudio Orizio, Marta Cogliati, Luciano Bissolotti, Paolo Gaffurini, Giuseppe Marcolin & Antonio Paoli

Acute responses of breathing techniques in maximal inspiratory pressure
Vasileios Stavrou, Vasileios Voutselas, Eleni Karetsi & Konstantinos I. Gourgoulianis

Physiological factors associated with ski-mountaineering vertical race performance
Alessandro Fornasiero, Aldo Savoldelli, Gennaro Boccia, Andrea Zignoli, Lorenzo Bortolan, Federico Schena & Barbara Pellegrini

Open Access
Reference values for fatigued versus non-fatigued limb symmetry index measured by a newly designed single-leg hop test battery in healthy subjects: a pilot study
Iris Leister, Georg Mattiassich, Harald Kindermann, Reinhold Ortmaier, Jürgen Barthofer, Imre Vasvary, Klaus Katzensteiner, Christine Stelzhammer & Stefan Tino Kulnik

Relationship between stature level and success in elite judo: an analysis on four consecutive Olympic Games
Paolo Riccardo Brustio, Gennaro Boccia, Paolo Moisè, Luca Laurenzano & Corrado Lupo

Reduction in risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and long-lasting walking habit in sedentary male and female subjects following 1 year of guided walking
Simona Mandini, Gabriella Collini, Giovanni Grazzi, Elena Lavezzi, Gianni Mazzoni & Francesco Conconi

A single multi-joint high-intensity resistance exercise involving large muscle groups elicits post-exercise hypotension in normotensive-trained women: a crossover trial
Yuri Alberto Freire, Carlos Alberto da Silva, Francisco José Rosa de Sousa, Rodrigo Alberto Vieira Browne, Luiz Fernando Farias-Junior, Daniel Schwade & Eduardo Caldas Costa

Bone metabolism in response to oat bran consumption and jogging exercise in young males
Noor Aini Sahrir, Foong Kiew Ooi, Chee Keong Chen, Win Mar Kyi & Jamaayah Meor Osman

Optimal load for the muscle power profile of prone bench pull in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athletes
Lucas Duarte Tavares, Felipe Zanchetta, Thiago Lasevicius, Aluisio Anorato, Eduardo Oliveira de Souza, Gilberto Candido Laurentino & Emerson Franchini

Effects of prophylactic knee bracing on patellar tendon loading parameters during functional sports tasks in recreational athletes
Jonathan Sinclair, Jim D. Richards & Paul J. Taylor

Fundamental movement skill proficiency in juvenile Gaelic games
Siobhán O’Connor, Enda. F. Whyte, Brendan Gibbons, Owen Feeney, Sandy Luc & Niamh Ní Chéilleachair

A randomized controlled trial on an aerobic exercise programme for depression outpatients
Lap Kei Cheung & Sing Lee

Associations between objectively measured physical activity levels and physical fitness and health-related quality of life in elderly women
Daniela Ciprandi, Filippo Bertozzi, Matteo Zago, Chiarella Sforza & Christel Galvani

Running fatiguing protocol affects peak torque joint angle and peak torque differently in hamstrings vs. quadriceps
Giuseppe Coratella, Eloisa Limonta, Emiliano Cé, Stefano Longo, Angela Valentina Bisconti, Angela Montaruli, Federico Schena & Fabio Esposito

Match-play performance comparisons between elite and sub-elite hurling players
Damien Young, Laurent Mourot & Giuseppe Coratella

The effect of 16 weeks gymnastic training on social skills and neuropsychiatric functions of autistic children
Azadeh Zamani Jam, Rasoul Hemayat Talab, Mahmoud Sheikh, Farnaz Torabi & Forouzan Rafie

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