The latest International Sociology of Sport Association (ISSA) eBulletin

lacrosseIn this issue:

Third announcement for the ISSA 2013 World Congress of Sociology of Sport

  • Vancouver, Canada, June 12-15

Change to ISSA Executive Board

ISSA Membership

  • Reminder to renew for 2013

International Review for the Sociology of Sport

  • Call for papers: Special Issue on Sport and Alcohol

ISSA 50th Anniversary: 2015

Members’ News

ISSA/RC27 (Sociology of Sport) at the XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology

Members’ News

Other Announcements

  • Archive for Women’s Lacrosse
  • ‘Sport, Commerce & Culture in the Global Marketplace’ Study Abroad program in London, England
  • Copenhagen Summer School 2013

Other Forthcoming Conferences

  • Congress of the Swiss Sociological Association
  • 5th Annual International Congress of Sport and Kinetotherapy
  • 15th International Olympic Committee’s World Conference on Sport for All

Other Call for Papers (Journals)

  • IJSC Special Issue: 21st Century Sport Communication Professionals
  • International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics: The future of youth sport and youth sport policy
  • Surveillance and Sport
  • Communication and Sport: Mapping the Terrain: Communication Studies of Sport
  • Sport Management Review: Managing Sport for Social Change
  • ESMQ: Impacts and Strategic Outcomes from Non-Mega Sport Events for Local Communities
  • Physical Culture – Journal of Sport Sciences & Physical Education

And here is the ISSA Bulletin 2013-1

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