The International Journal of the History of Sport fyller 30! Massor med gratisläsning!

ijhs300The International Journal of the History of Sport Celebrates 30 Years in 2013!

Professor Wray Vamplew and his team have used the criteria of ‘impact’, ‘originality’ and ‘agenda setting’ to select 30 articles from the journal, which have been made free to access to celebrate the 30th year of publication. Simply click on the article title below and enjoy! Offer ends on December 31, 2013.

Working-class Sports Clubs as Agents of Political Socialisation in Finland 1903-1923
Lauri Keskinen

Sport in Syonan (Singapore) 1942-1945: Centralisation and Nipponisation
Lai Kuan Lim & Peter Horton

The Physical is Political: Women’s Suffrage, Pilgrim Hikes and the Public Sphere
Jaime Schultz

Crossing the Line: Sport and the Limits of Civil Rights Protest
Simon Henderson

It Wasn’t Just Emily Davison! Sport, Suffrage and Society in Edwardian Britain
Joyce Kay

Playing with the rules: Influences on the development of regulation in sport
Wray Vamplew

Projecting the visual: British newsreels, soccer and popular culture 1918–39
Mike Huggins

Acting global, thinking local: ‘Liquid imperialism’ and the multiple meanings of the 1954 British Empire & Commonwealth Games
Michael Dawson

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano? Body and Mind in Ancient Greece
David Young

The Globalization of Cricket: The Rise of the Non-West
Amit Gupta

Globalizing the Nation-Making Process: Modern Sport in World History
Mark Dyreson

Colonial Bodies, Colonial Sport: ‘Martial’ Punjabis, ‘Effeminate’ Bengalis and the Development of Indian Football
Paul Dimeo

The Later Evolution of Modern Sport in Latin America: The North American Influence
Joseph L Arbena

Football as social critique: protest movements, rugby and history in Aotearoa, New Zealand
Malcolm MacLean

Riefenstahl’s Olympia: ideology and aesthetics in the shaping of the Aryan athletic body
Graham McFee & Alan Tomlinson

Fighting for Ireland, playing for England? The nationalist history of the Gaelic Athletic Association and the English influence on Irish sport
Mike Cronin

Sport, war and gender images: the Australian sportsmen’s battalions and the First World War
Murray G. Phillips

‘No business of ours’?: the Foreign Office and the Olympic games, 1896–1914
Martin Polley

Body culture and democratic nationalism: ‘popular gymnastics’ in nineteenth‐century Denmark
Henning Eichberg

The Social Construction of the Gendered Body: Exercise and the Exercise of Power
Patricia Vertinsky

The Female Body: Missionary and Reformer: The Reconceptualization of Femininity in Modern China
Fan Hong

‘The year of awakening’: black athletes, racial unrest and the civil rights movement of 1968
David K. Wiggins

Sport and the Redefinition of American Middle-Class Masculinity
Steven A. Riess

The other ‘American exceptionalism’: why is there no soccer in the United States?
Andrei S. Markovits

‘The warmth of comradeship’: the first British Empire games and imperial solidarity
Katharine Moore

Football in the Mining Communities of East Northumberland, 1882-1914
Alan Metcalfe

The Origins of the Modern Olympics: A New Version
David C. Young

The Peculiar Economics of English Cricket Before 1914
Keith Sandiford & Wray Vamplew

Sport, Gender and Society in a Transatlantic Victorian Perspective
Roberta J. Park

‘Oars and the man’: pleasure and purpose in Victorian and Edwardian Cambridge
J.A. Mangan

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