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    Call for Papers | “Sports and Modern/Contemporary Visual Culture”, Special Issue of Arts | Call ends July 20, 2022

    This special issue explores the intersections of aesthetics and athletics in art and visual culture, both thematically and formally. Essays and projects consider the performative aspects of sports at the intersection of debates about race, gender, and sexuality in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. That is, how do images of athletic bodies function to shore up ideologies around whiteness and heteronormativity via the reaffirmation of stereotypes?

    Call for Papers | BSSH Winter 2015 Workshop: Sport, Leisure and Visual Culture | December 5, 2015

    The purpose of this research meeting is to pull together recent thinking from visual studies and leisure history to better understand relationships between the two fields. Papers are invited to discuss some or all of the following: Leisure in fine art News photography and leisure Television and the framing of leisure Leisure on the cinema screen New media and leisure Comics and graphic novels and...
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