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    Call for Book Proposals | Video Games and the Humanities, a new book series from De Gruyter Oldenbourg

    This series seeks to reconnect media-centric Game Studies to the disciplines it had to distance itself from in its foundation, such as literary studies or film studies, in an attempt to use their differences and contact zones in a mutually productive dialogue. In this endeavor, the series is committed to a decidedly global scope as it assembles perspectives from different cultural and academic contexts.

    Call for Papers | Animation, Video Games and Virtual Experience: Sport and the Artifice of Moving Image Media | November 14–15 2017 (Call ends May 1, 2017)

    The focus of the symposium is to acknowledge and discuss, but also, to move beyond the understanding of animation as ‘a cartoon’ and the assumption that sport is merely ‘live’ or ‘as broadcast’ and to properly evaluate and critique sport’s representational visualization in graphic and materially based, design-led, moving image media.

    Call for Papers | Gaming Beyond the Digitial Divide: Video Games and Game Cultures of the Global South

    Gaming Beyond the Digital Divide aims to bring together perspectives on video games and the cultures of the global south covering a range of disciplines, perspectives, critical methodologies, and theoretical approaches. Contributors are encouraged to submit work examining the relationship between games and culture in specific cities, countries, and/or regions of the global south.

    Call for Papers | Inaugural Workshop on the Philosophy of Games | Salt Lake City, Oct. 14–15, 2016

    This workshop aims to unite the various strands of work on the philosophy of games. Furthermore, the workshop aims to unite the discussion of the many forms of games, including videogames, sports, board games, card games, role playing games, and more.

    Call for Papers | Sociology of Video Gaming in the World | ISA 2016, Vienna, Austria

    Video games are today depicted as an evident leisure activity. Yet, the legitimization of this hobby has undertaken a chaotic track. Playing video games has, in fact, transformed from a marginal and isolated activity to a global and mainstream pastime.
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