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    The International Sports Law Journal, Vol. 22, 2022, Issue 2 | Remedy and Redress for Sport-related Human Rights Harms

    The ISLJ is the only truly “international” peer-reviewed sports law journal consistently offering broad content coverage, such as significant case law analysis, legal commentary and sports related information from sports law experts around the world. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Evolution of CAS human rights jurisprudence: observations from Keramuddin Karim v. FIFA by Surbhi Kuwelker.

    Idrottsjuridik i England och Sverige

    Lotta Wendel har läst Simon Gardiner och kollegors Sports Law och gör intressanta jämförelser med den enda svenska motsvarigheten, Jyri Backmans Idrottsjuridik – en introduktion.
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