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    New insights into the complex subculture of the ultras movement

    Fanaticism in association football fandom is being witnessed these days in the wake of Maradona’s passing. Another expression is also the subject of Ultras: The passion and performance of contemporary football fandom by Mark Doidge, Radosław Kossakowski & Svenja Mintert (Manchester University Press). Our reviewer is Lise Joern, well versed in the world of football fandom, fanatic or not, and she really appreciates this sociological study and its novel theoretical approaches.

    Women’s football in a man’s world – a never-ending story of subordination

    Lise Joern reviews a collected volume from the impressive “Football Research in an Enlarged Europe” series at Palgrave Macmillan, Female Football Players and Fans: Intruding into a Man’s World, edited by Gertrud Pfister and Stacey Pope. She appreciates the book and its contributions but ends on a note of pessimism about the situation for women’s football and its fans.
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