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    Call for Papers | “Popular Sports, Mass Sports and Elite Sports in everyday Africa” – The 13th Sports Africa Conference, June 20–22, 2019, Dakar, Senegal. Call ends February...

    The 13th edition of the conference will be an opportunity to reflect on sport beyond the celebrations of national sporting victories, the fixation on elite sport, and the popularity of a few famous athletes. Could sport deliver to societies in Africa the social cohesion, national unity, social and economic development that its proponents often claim or assume?

    Call for Papers | Sports Africa: Sporting Subalternities and Social Justice | University of the Free State, April 10–13, 2017

    With an aim to promote and champion the African Sport Studies as a valuable interdisciplinary arena, in February 2004, the Ohio University hosted the first edition of 'Sport in Africa' Conference. The Institute of Reconciliation and Social Justice at the University of the Free State, South Africa will host the 11th edition of the Conference under its new name: Sports Africa.