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    Call for Papers | “Sport Education for Sustainable Development: The Euro-Med Perspective”, the 16th ENSE Forum 2023 | Rome, Italy, September 21–22, 2023. Call ends August 15, 2023

    The Forum will offer a space of reflection and discussion on the current societal and educational challenges facing Europe and the broader Mediterranean Basin. In particular, the Forum will focus on the role of sport education in a transitioning world and tackle issues such as social cohesion and intercultural dialogue, sustainability, coach education, physical education, and digital education in sport. A chance to present and engage in a historic setting, registration and abstract submission for the event are now open.

    Call for Papers | “Sport Education in a Changing World”, 16th Forum of the European Network of Sport Education (ENSE) | Tempo Livre, Guimaraes, Portugal, September 22–23, 2022. Call...

    The presence of significant global challenges defines our current era. Climate change, globalization, social segregation and the Covid-19 pandemic have exposed many of the faultlines in European and worldwide society. The 16th ENSE Forum in Guimaraes will focus on the role of sport, and in particular programmes and policies for the education of sport professionals, to address current societal challenges and seek to deliver answers concerning core questions.