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    The International Sports Law Journal, Vol. 20, 2020, Issue 3–4

    The ISLJ is the only truly “international” peer-reviewed sports law journal consistently offering broad content coverage, such as significant case law analysis, legal commentary and sports related information from sports law experts around the world. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Demystifying India’s Paralympic movement: overview of legislation, sport governance and ground realities by SriPadmini Chennapragada, Sunil Jain.

    Impressive, insightful and important book on sports law that will stand the test of time

    Jack Anderson, Richard Parrish and Borja García have collected a knowledgeable score of European sport law scholars for their collected volume Research Handbook on EU Sports Law and Policy (Edward Elgar). We asked equally knowledgeable David McArdle of Stirling Law School for a review, and he endorses just about everything about the book – except the retail price...

    The, one, or the one legacy of Bosman?

    The Bosman judgment is considered from a number of angles in the anthology The Legacy of Bosman: Revisiting the Relationship between EU Law and Sport edited by Antoine Duval & Ben Van Rompuy (TMC Asser Press). Our reviewer Mikael Hansson finds valuable contributions as well as less so, and would perhaps have liked a slightly counterfactual approach as well.

    Voluminous handbook encompassing most aspects of sports law

    With their edited volume Handbook on International Sports Law (Edward Elgar), James A.R. Nafziger & Stephen F. Ross wanted to contribute to the development of the field of international sports law. But, as Mikael Hansson discovered, ”international” sometimes (and all too often) largely means the English-speaking world.

    Idrott och juridik i EU

    Bo Carlsson Idrottsvetenskap, Malmö högskola Sports Law and Policy in the European Unionborde vara en av de viktigaste idrottsböckerna som publicerats under 2003. Nu är boken emellertid inte en bok om idrott i vanlig mening. Den handlar faktiskt inte så mycket om idrott! Här finns absolut inga rekord eller tabeller. Vidare saknas historiska anekdoter och biografiska skildringar av idrottsmän. De idrottsmän som nämns...
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