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    Celebration capitalism abound in the world of sport mega-events

    In Mega-Events and Globalization: Capital and spectacle in a changing world order (Routledge), editors Richard Gruneau and John Horne (red) present original contributions from leading international scholars. Our reviewer Christian Tolstrup Jensen is quite happy with the papers that are generally short and easily read, showing similarities across the cases and through the concepts and theories.

    New book historicizes sport and modernity in a critical theory context

    “A new book by Rick Gruneau is a major event for the academic study of sport.” Thus begins Alan Bairner’s review of Gruneau’s Sport and Modernity (Polity Press). For 35 years Gruneau has been an insightful and influential critical sport scholar, and his new book includes thoughts on ancient Greece as well as Weimar, Marx as well as Gramsci, and German modernism and anti-modernism.

    Leading sport and media scholars unearth the mediatization of sport mega-events

    Lawrence A. Wenner and Andrew C. Billings have gathered leading scholars in the field of sport media studies for their edited volume Sport, Media and Mega-Events (Routledge), in which each contribution takes stock of a mega-event in terms of the level of mediatization. Henk Erik Meier is our knowledgeable reviewer, and he’s impressed.

    An enjoyable, well written, and very Canadian tome on sport, politics and society

    Playing for Change: The Continuing Struggle for Sport and Recreation, edited by Russell Field (University of Toronto Press) is an homage, albeit in a very low-keyed, Canadian sort of way, to Bruce Kidd, athlete, activist and scholar. In his review for, Alan Bairner is very pleased with what he reads; however, he is unable to find in this book about struggle a discussion of gender and sexuality.
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