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    Call for Papers | Book Proposal: Professional Wrestling in the Pandemic | Call ends August 31, 2022

    This anthology aims to examine pro wrestling in the pandemic to bring into relief issues and questions about art and entertainment, industry, communication, sociality, labor, precarity, bodies and physicality, and care under the uncertain conditions of late capitalism and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.We invite submissions from across disciplines.

    Call for Papers | Professional Wrestling: Politics and Populism | New anthology edited by Heather Levi, Nell Haynes, Eero Laine & Sharon Mazer. Call ends March 15, 2018 (abstracts)

    This book project began as a cross-disciplinary conversation – theatre, performance studies, anthropology – presented first in a panel at a 2017 conference. The editors wish now to expand the field to allow a wider range of perspectives and voices to weigh in on the question of how professional wrestling might be implicated in the current resurgence of populist politics.

    Call for Chapters | Wrestling with Identity: Nation, Race, and Culture in Professional Wrestling

    We are seeking contributors to our project, an edited volume of essays examining various aspects of professional wrestling and its relationship to other themes (nationalism, gender, race, etc.). The scope is broad and open, and authors are welcome to write about any individual, period, or location.
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