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    Radical History Review Special issue: “Historicizing the Politics and Pleasure of Sport”

    Articles in RHR address issues of gender, race, sexuality, imperialism, and class, stretching the boundaries of historical analysis to explore Western and non-Western histories. RHR includes sections devoted to public history and the art of teaching as well as reviews of a wide range of media—from books to television and from websites to museum exhibitions—thus celebrating the vast potential for historical learning in the twenty-first century.

    Final Call for Papers | Special issue of Radical History Review: Historicizing the Politics and Pleasure of Sport

    Abstract Deadline: September 1, 2014 To be published as issue number 125, Spring 2016   The global reach of football (soccer), basketball, cricket, and Olympic sports in the contemporary world can be traced back to European and U.S. imperial and commercial expansion. The agents of that imperialism—teachers, soldiers, traders, and colonial officials— believed sport to be an important part of their “civilizing...
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