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    Who are admitted to a sport school?

    This article by Tomas Peterson and Per Wollmer discusses the recruitment of pupils into a secondary school with a physical activity profile in Sweden. One of the aims of the longitudinal and multidisciplinary research project Malmö Youth Sport Study (MYSS) is to establish who the chosen ones are, and to analyze the results based on factors – gender related, physiological, psychological and sociological.

    Vilka elever antas till en idrottsskola?

    Denna artikel av Tomas Peterson och Per Wollmer diskuterar rekryteringen till en högstadieskola som specialiserar sig på fysisk aktivitet och idrott. Ett av syftena med den longitudinella och flervetenskapliga studien Malmö Youth Sport Study (MYSS) är att redovisa vilka som utväljs och att analysera resultatet utifrån olika faktorer – genusrelaterade, fysiska, psykologiska och sociala.

    Malmö Youth Sport Study: A longitudinal study of a secondary school in Malmö, Sweden, specializing in physical activity and sports

    This is a presentation of the longitudinal and multidisciplinary research program Malmö Youth Sport Study (MYSS). The aims, methods, empirical materials and theoretical basis are introduced. The study asks questions related to the role of physical activity and sports to promote an active lifestyle and to foster elite athletes.
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