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    Call for Papers | “New challenges in sociology of sports and physical activity: economic depressions, migrations, pandemics” | Special Issue of Italian Sociological Review. Call ends June 30, 2020

    The main aim of this special issue is to bring scholars, researchers, educators, students, professionals and other groups interested in sports and physical activity to propose their works. The focus of this special issue lays in the new challenges that sociology of sports and physical activity have to face to understand these new complexscenarios, the main issues we had to face, the successes, the criticalities and the lessons learned.

    Call for Scholarly Commentaries | “Sport and the Coronavirus Crisis”, Special Issue of International Journal of Sport Communication. Call ends April 27, 2020

    This call asks sport-focused scholars to contribute short essays and analyses of how this unfortunate life-altering pandemic has affected the sport industry. For the most part this special issue will be devoted to scholarly commentaries (e.g., perspectives, essays, overviews, analyses, opinions, observations, recommendations, cases, interviews) of how the sport industry has been affected by this pandemic.
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