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    Idrott, Historia & Samhälle | Sport, History & Society, Vol. 2023

    The Swedish Association of Sports Historians (SVIF) publishes a yearbook, Idrott, historia & samhälle (Sports, History & Society) which is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal of sport history, published in Sweden for the Scandinavian market and beyond. The Forum Editor’s choice from the current issue: Putting the puzzle together: The state of Sami sports research in Finland by Kati Lehtonen & Mikko Salasuo (open access)

    Identities, Ethnicities, Histories and Sports in Northern Norway

    Daniel Svensson has read Utafor sporet? Idrett, identiteter og regionalisme i nord [Off the beaten track: Sports, identity and regionalism in the north] (Oplandske Bokforlag), an anthology edited by Helge Chr. Pedersen och Eivind Å. Skille. Our reviewer is mostly content, but would have liked further comparative efforts.