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    Call for Papers | “War, Peace, and Sport”, Special Issue of Journal of War and Culture Studies. Call ends June 1, 2020

    To this day, and around the globe, the language and rituals of many sports and their associated cultural practices continue to be influenced by the adversarial structures of warfare whilst being promoted as regulated encounters that promote mutual understanding and tolerance. The Special Issue invites submissions of individual articles of up to 8000 words that explore the complex relationship between war, peace and sport in culture.

    Call for Papers | “Sport and nationalism: Theoretical perspectives”. Special Issue of Sport in Society | Call ends November 30, 2019

    This special issue will seek to build upon the existing literature in the field of sport and nationalism by bringing together a range of contemporary academics in this field of study, thus offering an opportunity to showcase contrasting theoretical positions on this topic within the same issue. The central focus of the special issue on the application of theories of nationalism to the field of sport provides an opportunity for novel and critical contributions to this field of study.

    Call for Papers | “War, Peace, and Sport”. Special Issue of the Journal of War and Culture Studies. Call ends May 1, 2020

    The Journal of War and Culture Studies seeks submissions for a special issue exploring the relationship between war, peace and sport from the nineteenth century to the present day. At various points in human history, but most notably perhaps in the late nineteenth century, sport has been conceived as a means of preparing young, usually male bodies and minds for combat.

    Call for Papers | Regionalism and Nationalism in Contemporary International Sport | June 29–30, 2017, University of Vic in Catalonia. Call ends April 6, 2017

    The first International Conference on Regionalism and Nationalism in Contemporary International Sport is an exciting development and opportunity which seeks to enhance the partnership between the hosting institutions with the expressed hope of staging a stimulating forum for debate in an international context around the debates and issues raised by the conference theme

    Special Issue of National Identities | “Sporting Nations without States” | Guest editor: Malcolm MacLean

    Special Issue: Sporting Nations without States Guest Edited by Malcolm Maclean Performing nations, disrupting states: sporting identities in nations without states Malcolm MacLean & Russell Field ‘Je suis socialiste et quinziste’: rugby, wine and socialism in the Aude since 1976 Andrew W.M. Smith Sport and the Cornish: difference and identity on the English periphery in the twentieth century Dilwyn Porter Nation, state and identity in international sport Hywel...
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