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    Why Break the Rules – in Life and in Sport?

    In life there can be good reasons to break the rules. Some sports philosophers have suggested that this also holds for games. In this essay Miroslav Imbrišević compares and contrasts reasons for rule-breaking in life and in sports. Some of my focus will be on recent attempts to defend strategic fouling. Supporters of strategic fouling try to provide a philosophical underpinning for the practice, but they ignore the genealogy of such rule-violations.

    Synthesis Philosophica Vol. 34, 2019, No. 2 | Focus Section: Bioethics and Sport

    Synthesis philosophica publishes – in English, German, and French – articles from all philosophical and to philosophy closely related disciplines, in the framework of planned and announced thematic units, as well as its regular units (studies, book reviews etc). Synthesis philosophica is published as bi-annual. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: ROBERT SIMON AND THE MORALITY OF STRATEGIC FOULING by Miroslav Imbrišević.

    Sport, Ethics and Philosophy, Volume 13, 2019, Issue 3–4 | Bernard Suits’ Legacy: New Inspirations and Interpretations

    Sport, Ethics and Philosophy is an international peer-reviewed journal which publishes original research contributions to scientific knowledge. It publishes high quality articles from a wide variety of philosophical traditions. The journal is particularly open to essays of applied philosophy that engage with issues or practice, policy and scholarship concerning the nature and values of sports.

    The Art of Pushing: Olympic Taekwondo

    In the final of the women’s +73 kg division at the World Taekwondo Championships in Manchester last week (May 15–19, 2019), two-time world champion Bianca Walkden, UK, applied some unsports(wo)manlike tactics against China’s Zheng Shuyin that paid off, much to the anger of the audience. Miroslav Imbrišević, once a Taekwondo performer himself, comments on the events

    Testosterone is not the only Game in Town: The Transgender Woman Athlete

    Concurrent with and to some extent overshadowed by the debate about the recent CAS Caster Semenya and intersex athletes decision, the conflicting views regarding transgender athletes, specifically transgender women athletes, abound. In this feature article, sport and legal philosopher Miroslav Imbrišević reviews and discusses existing research in the light of some current controversial cases.

    Fair Play. Journal of Philosophy, Ethics and Sports Law Vol. 12, October 2018

    Fair Play. Journal of Sport: Philosophy, Ethics and Law is an electronic journal devoted to the analysis of sport from the point of view of the philosophy, ethics and the theoretical-legal perspective. Beside the philosophical concern, the journal will accept works coming from the legal field given the evident connections that arise in many occasions with philosophical issues.
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