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    Call for Papers | “Sport and Migration in the Age of Superdiversity”, Special Issue of International Review for the Sociology of Sport | Call ends November 1, 2021

    Today sport is a significant social arena through which we can study the evolvement of societal diversity, along with the challenges that follow suit. This special issue turns attention to such diversity in both the role sports may play in the lives of migrants and their descendants, but also to a variety in their societal reception, including political strategies as well as civic responses that shape options for migrants’ sports participation.

    Call for Papers | “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Sport Marketing”, Special Issue of International Journal of Sport Marketing and Sponsorship. Call ends January 31, 2022

    The objective of this IJSMS special issue is to bring together scholarship that seeks to advance our collective knowledge on diversity and inclusion in sport marketing. We acknowledge that diversity may include a myriad of characteristics that distinguish individuals and groups of people. However, this special edition focuses on diversity as it pertains to the following equity seeking groups: Race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability.

    Call for Papers | Media, Sport, and Diversity, Online European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) Seminar | November 5–6, 2021. Call ends June 15. 2021

    The seminar wants to bring together scholars from all kinds of disciplines as well as practitioners that share the interest in the media-based communication of sport. Consequently, submissions may be rooted also in sports politics, sports economy, sports management, sports technology, sports sociology, and sports practice itself. In the seminar, we strive to include a diversity of theoretical and methodical approaches to sports communication and give voice to researchers from all parts of Europe.

    Vacancies | Doctoral students in Sports Science specialising in the humanities and social sciences within the Learning in Multicultural Contexts PhD school, to Malmö University | Apply before January...

    The sport science research environment includes some 15 researchers as well as an almost equal number of research students. The research is primarily within the humanities and the social sciences, and in regard to research conducted at the department, sport is considered to be a multi-dimensional, societal and cultural phenomenon and includes physical activity, physical education (PE), exercise and sport performance. This also include research on elite sport.

    Vacancy | Ph.D. Fellowship with focus on Physical Education and diversity, at OsloMet, Norway | Apply by January 11, 2021

    There is a group of researchers at the Department of Primary and Secondary Teacher Education who have specialized in the field of embodied learning, and who therefore are involved in research projects focusing on embodied learning at different levels (pre-school, elementary and secondary school, and higher education). The Ph.D. student will also be a member of the research group “Body, Learning and Diversity”.

    Call for Papers | “Diversity and Inclusion in Sport Management Education”, Special Issue of Sport Management Education Journal. Call ends December 1, 2020

    Sport scholars have consistently advocated for more diverse and inclusive sport organizations, but identity-related inequities and injustices continue to prevail in sport organizations and sport management classrooms as well. Hence, in addition to calls for more diversity, it is important to advocate for inclusion and social justice efforts. Cunningham (2014) argued that all sport management academicians have “a stake in ensuring sport is inclusive and socially just”.

    Call for Abstracts | Contemporary Perspectives on Athlete Activism (Routledge) | Call ends March 16, 2020

    This edited collection aims to provide a comprehensive multidisciplinary overview of athlete activism. While athletes as ‘activists’ – broadly defined – is not necessarily a new area of study, it has commanded a significant range of both scholarly and media attention in recent years. High-profile figures from across elite sport have lent their voices in an attempt to influence a variety of social, political, ethical and/or environmental issues.

    Dansk fodbold sætter tal på mangfoldigheden: Diversiteten i dansk fodbold – en undersøgelse fra Dansk Boldspil-Union

    Fodboldspillere, trænere og dommere. Det er blot nogle af de mere end 8.000 respondenter, der har besvaret et spørgeskema om diversitet i dansk breddefodbold. Og spørgsmålene er sendt ud til alle medlemmer af dansk fodbold, når det kommer til alder, niveau og geografi. Det er første gang nogensinde, at man kortlægger diversiteten i en specifik sportsgren i Danmark. Resultaterne er nu klar.

    Call for Papers | “The importance of diversity in performance enhancement” | Special Issue of Performance Enhancement & Health. Call ends November 1, 2019

    The purpose of this special issue is to illustrate projects embracing concepts of diversity, equity, and infusion of multiple intersecting identity experiences of sport, performance, and exercise science populations. The special issue will allow for a more harmonious sport science set-up with collaborations fostering acceptance and inclusion to promote global cultural progress.

    Call for Papers | Diversity in Aquatics | Special Edition of The International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education (IJARE). Call ends August 30, 2019

    This special issue provides a platform to share findings from empirical research (including quantitative, qualitative, intervention, or community-based studies), theoretical papers, educational articles, research notes and critical essays. Analyses of aquatic sport, water safety education policy and practices from diverse theoretical and methodological perspectives are encouraged.
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