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    Somatic Podcast – Ep 17 – The ‘Final Stretch’ of the Election ‘Race’: American Politics and Sporting Metaphors

    In the episode, we talk with Dr. Kenneth Cohen, Associate Professor of History and Director of Museum Studies and Public History at the University of Delaware. Dr. Cohen discusses the history of sporting political discourse during the antebellum period, a history he covers in his 2017 book They Will Have Their Game: Sporting Culture and the Early American Republic (Cornell University Press).

    Call for Participation | Telling the Story of Sport: Narrating Sport in a Global Context | Online workshop series

    Monthly workshops from September 2020 to March 2021 will explores the multiple ways in which various sports have been culturally constructed and experienced, examining the media through which sport is represented: from the national press, often credited for allowing the development of mass spectatorship sport in nineteenth-century Europe, to the new broadcast and social media, which offer new forms of personal investment in the story of sport, via the advent of radio and television.

    Call for Papers | “Telling the Story of Sport: Narrating Sport in a Global Context” Conference | University of Bristol, UK, April 2–3, 2020. Call ends September 30, 2019

    There has to date been little considered and comparative analysis of the many ways in which sporting stories are told across different cultures and the many purposes they serve. ‘Telling the Story of Sport’ aims to redress this by creating a forum in which individual scholars are invited to contextualise their research and begin to develop a fuller understanding of the phenomenon of sporting narrative practices.

    Call for Papers | Sociolinguistic Dynamics in Sport, an International Conference | Siena, Italy, November 15–17, 2018. Call ends July 22, 2018

    Sport promotes a shared sense of belonging and participation and may therefore also be an important tool for the integration of immigrants. The link between language and sport is, therefore, a very interesting issue which pushes one unto reflecting about identitarian expressions and to rethink integration of immigrants and all citizens.
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