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    Overwhelming praise for comprehensive and thought-provoking handbook

    Originally published in 2014 and edited by Jennifer Hargreaves and Eric Anderson, the Routledge Handbook of Sport, Gender and Sexuality comprises 53 chapters penned by 68 internationally renowned sport scholars. According to our reviewer Benjamin Moreland, this perennial handbook is a vital contribution to the academic conversations surrounding gender and sexuality and a foundational read for scholars and students alike.

    Unboxing the Culture of Boxing

    Wendy Varney Institute of Environmental Studies, University of NSW, Sydney, Australia   Kasia Boddy Boxing: A Cultural History 478 ges, pb., ill. London: Reaktion Books 2009 ISBN 978-1-86189-411-3 Boxing entails one of sport’s greatest contradictions. On one hand, no sporting body is surely fitter, more comprehensively toned and attuned and better of reflexes than the body of the serious boxer, making it a source of pride and...
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