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    The IOC Olympic Studies Centre collaborates with international organizations to raise the visibility of Social Science Research (SSR) in Sport

    The SSR Collaboration Platform is an informal “Community of Practice” for international organizations that fund or support SSR in sport integrity matters.The organizations involved engage to share experiences using their collective insights to improve the benefits of SSR, including reducing duplication of research and importantly, improving the way in which SSR is disseminated, understood and adopted by stakeholders in the field of sport.

    Call for Papers | “Managing Abuse and Integrity in Sport” | Special Issue of Sport Management Review. Call ends September 28, 2018

    For this special issue, we encourage submissions from scholars both inside and outside of the sport management domain (e.g., sociology, social psychology, coaching and pedagogy, psychology, sociocultural studies, criminology) to provoke a broad, interdisciplinary, and critical discussion about the management of abuse.
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