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    Call for Papers | “Landscape, Sport, Environment: The Spaces of Sport from the Early Modern Period to Today”, the 2019 Garden and Landscape Studies Symposium | Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, DC,...

    The symposium seeks to address this lack of knowledge, exploring the design of different sport and recreational landscapes over time and how they have given expression to various understandings of nature and culture. What are the relationships between sport landscapes and their environment? What is the relationship between the site itself and the culture of sports and recreation embedded within it?

    Call for Papers | “Exercise and environment: new geographies of the exercise experience” | Chicago, April 21-25 2015

    Association of American Geographers Annual Conference, Chicago, April 21-25 2015 Exercise and environment: New geographies of the exercise experience Session organizers: Alan Latham and Russell Hitchings, UCL Geography Physical fitness practices are part of the background of contemporary life. Jogging, cycling, walking, swimming, weight training, roller blading, dancing, playing and training for all kinds of sports animate people’s everyday worlds in all sorts...
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