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    Excellent and enjoyable collection, appropriately scholarly, utterly readable, and attractively wide ranging

    Sport and film have historically been key components of national cultures and societies. Seán Crosson’s Sport, Film and National Culture (Routledge) is the first collection dedicated to examining the intersection of these popular cultural forces within specific national contexts. Garry Whannel, one of the world’s leading experts on the cultural analysis of media sport is our reviewer, and he is unequivocally enthusiastic; a few minor comments don’t affect the general coherence, focus and readability of the book.

    Sports’ relation to other forms of leisure investigated with an impressive variety of historical methods and sources

    Two special issues of Sport in History has been converted into a single 14 chapters volume by the editors Dion Georgiou and Benjamin Litherland: Sport’s Relationship with Other Leisure Industries: Historical Perspectives (Routledge). Our reviewer is Anne Tjønndal, and she offers a comprehensive overview of the collection, which, though it might be better for some to read a few individual chapters, as a whole represents an accomplishment in sport history scholarship.

    Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal, Volume 28, 2020, Number 2

    Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal (WSPAJ) is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted to advancing the understanding of women in sport and physical activity. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: “MAKE A HOME RUN FOR SUFFRAGE”: PROMOTING WOMEN’S EMANCIPATION THROUGH BASEBALL by Lindsay Parks Pieper.
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