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    Journal of Olympic Studies, Volume 3, 2022, Number 1

    By placing scholars from various disciplines side-by-side on the common topic of the Olympic Games, JOS (available in both print and electronic format and marketed to a global scholarly audience) aims to promote and encourage a multi-disciplinary understanding of the Olympic Movement. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Rethinking a Miracle: The Role of Whiteness in the 1980 Miracle on Ice by Alexandra Mountain.

    A well-researched and highly readable story of the role that sports played in American Cold War diplomacy

    In Toby C. Rider’s and Kevin B. Witherspoon’s edited volume Defending the American Way of Life: Sport, Culture, and the Cold War (The University of Arkansas Press), leading sport historians present new perspectives on high-profile issues in this era of sport history. Kristian Gerner, professor of history at Lund University, is our knowledgeable reviewer, and he highlights the role played by African Americans, internationally as well as in the domestic civil rights movement.

    Idrott, politik och svart motståndskamp under det kalla kriget

    Idrotten var ett viktigt inslag i det kalla kriget mellan öst och väst, främst manifesterat i konkurrensen mellan USA och Sovjetunionen under efterkrigstiden på arenor världen runt. Om detta handlar Damion Thomas’ Globetrotting: African American Athletes and Cold War Politics (University of Illinois Press), som recenseras av Anders Östnäs.
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