Journal of Olympic Studies, Volume 3, 2022, Number 1

Introduction: Race and the Olympic Games
David K. Wiggins; Damion L. Thomas
May 2022, Vol.3,1-3. doi: 10.5406/26396025.3.1.01

Before the Gold: Connecting Aspirations, Activism, and BIPOC Excellence Through Olympic Skateboarding
Neftalie Williams
May 2022, Vol.3,4-27. doi: 10.5406/26396025.3.1.02

An Olympian on Display: Museums and the Commemoration of Jesse Owens
Andrew D. Linden; Lindsay Parks Pieper
May 2022, Vol.3,28-48. doi: 10.5406/26396025.3.1.03

The 1936 Olympic Dance Competitions, Canadian Settler Colonialism, and the Indigenous Absence
Christine O’Bonsawin; Michael Heine
May 2022, Vol.3,49-71. doi: 10.5406/26396025.3.1.04

Fighting Colonialism: Olympic Boxing and Australian Race Relations 
Gary Osmond; Murray G. Phillips ; Alistair Harvey
May 2022, Vol.3,72-95. doi: 10.5406/26396025.3.1.05


Rethinking a Miracle: The Role of Whiteness in the 1980 Miracle on Ice
Alexandra Mountain
May 2022, Vol.3,96-112. doi: 10.5406/26396025.3.1.06

A Tale of Two Olympians: At the Intersection of Class, Blackness, and Amateurism in Canada, 1920s–1930s
Ornella Nzindukiyimana
May 2022, Vol.3,113-131. doi: 10.5406/26396025.3.1.07

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