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    Gezi Park protests and the role of football fans: Long historic preamble, less contemporary comparisons

    The Taksim Gezi Park protests, originally against a municipal decision to build a shopping mall in the park, evolved into angry and violent anti-government demonstrations. Dağhan Irak’s book Football Fandom, Protest and Democracy: Supporter Activism in Turkey (Routledge) examines the role of football fans in the pro-democracy Gezi protests of 2013. Lise Joern thinks there is too much Turkish football history and to little supporter activism.

    Soccer & Society, Volume 19, 2018, Issue 3 | Fan Protest and Activism: Football from Below in South-Eastern Europe

    Soccer and Society is the first international journal devoted to the world’s most popular game. It covers all aspects of soccer globally from anthropological, cultural, economic, historical, political and sociological perspectives.q
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