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    Call for Papers | “Global Health and Well-Being for All”. International Alliance of Health, Physical Education, Dance and Sport (IAHPEDS) World Congress | San Antonio, Texas, July 23-25, 2020. Call...

    The International Alliance of Health, Physical Education, Dance and Sport (IAHPEDS) will be hosting a World Congress (WC) in San Antonio, Texas, USA from July 23-25, 2020. The theme of the WC is Global Health and Well-Being for All. The deadline to submit an abstract is May 15, 2020. Once an abstract has been received, authors will hear of the status within 14 days. There will also be WC Proceedings published on our website.

    Call for Papers | Some Dance to Remember, Some Dance to Forget: Dance and Memory in the Nineteenth Century

    From the quadrilles of Jane Austen to the Ballets Russes, dance continues to shape our understanding of the literature, art, and history of the nineteenth century. This special panel will prepare conference attendees for an optional nineteenth-century dance workshop at the conference, hosted by the Graduate Caucus.

    Call for Papers | Dance as Experience: Progressive Era Origins and Legacies | Baltimore, Maryland March 26–28, 2015

    Society of Dance History Scholars Special Topics Conference: Dance as Experience: Progressive Era Origins and Legacies Baltimore, Maryland, March 26–28, 2015. Jointly sponsored by Peabody Dance and SDHS Peabody Dance, founded in November 1914, is one of the nation’s oldest dance training programs. Historical highlights of the program’s first hundred years include being the first American school to introduce Dalcroze Eurhythmics, instruction of...

    Call for Contributions |13th World Congress of Dance and the Child International, July 5–10 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark

    Welcome to the 13th daCi World Congress 2015 in Copenhagen! Dansehallerne (The Dance Halls), Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, University of Copenhagen and the Danish National School of Performing Arts WELCOME you to Copenhagen, Denmark in July 2015! The 13th daCi World Congress will offer a unique opportunity for everyone interested in dance and young people - to meet, dance, share, present...

    Call for Papers: “Freedom to move. Dance and Literature (1900-1950)”. Postgraduate Workshop at the Centre for Cultural Studies, University of Graz, 28th–29th of November 2014

    At the beginning of the 20th century, dance functions to create a space for cultural and artistic expression which aims to innovate aesthetic and cultural traditions through the metaphor of liberty. Half art, half sport (Grassi 1999), dance influences social and artistic life. It touches a sensitive political area where the body is idealized and becomes a fetish like...
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