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    Call for Papers | “Sport and physical activity for toddlers and preschool children: a contested terrain?” | Special Issue of Sport in Society. Call ends May 1, 2020

    While the interest for physical activity (PA) and pre-schoolers is growing, there seems to be less research focusing on organized sport activities for toddlers. Therefore, the editors encourage the submission of papers on the theme of the participation of toddlers and pre-schoolers in organized sport, for-profit programs and physical activity from a range of temporal, geographic, methodological and thematic perspectives.

    Call for Papers | “Leisure for Children and Youth” | Special Issue of World Leisure Journal. Call ends May 5, 2019

    An African proverb states, It Takes a Village to Raise a Child. We invite those with empirical data, theoretical and analytical frameworks, and evidence-based practice to submit manuscripts that focus on leisure services/programs that play an important role in their village. We encourage studies that elucidate how collaboration with other areas and interdisciplinary approaches promote positive youth development.
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