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    Journal of Intercollegiate Sport, Volume 14, 2021, Issue 2

    The Journal of Intercollegiate Sport (JIS), an open access journal supported by the University of Kansas, provides an exciting forum for research specifically addressing sport in college and university settings. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: The Career Experiences of Female Registered Dietitians in NCAA Division I Athletic Departments by Robin Hardin, Lauren Antle, Lauren Beasley.

    Journal of Sport Management, Volume 33, 2019, Issue 4

    The Journal of Sport Management encourages the submission of manuscripts in a number of areas as they relate to the management, governance, and consumption of sport. Studies using quantitative and/or qualitative approaches are welcomed. JSM publishes research and scholarly review articles; short reports on replications, test development, and data reanalysis; and more.
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