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    Public defence of doctoral thesis | Reducing risk for eating disorder development and muscle building supplement use in adolescents: a cluster randomized controlled trial | Kethe M. E. Svantorp-Tveiten,...

    Adolescents are flowed with unrealistic ideals were having an athletic, defined, and toned body often equals success and happiness where strict exercise regimes, restrictive eating habits and use of dietary supplements are important ingredients in the recipe. Kethe M. E. Svantorp-Tveiten’s PhD project aimed to reduce the risk for eating disorder development and muscle building supplement use in adolescents.

    Public defence of doctoral thesis | Fitness clubs: A venue for public health? | Christina Gjestvang, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, February 17, 2022

    Christina Gjestvang’s PhD-project aimed to gain an increased understanding of those individuals who choose to join a fitness club, and are able to stay active, and continue with, regular exercise in a group of novice exercisers in their first year of a fitness club membership. A fitness club membership was not associated with increase in total physical activity level or numbers meeting the physical activity recommendations.

    Call for Papers | The Remains of the Body: Legacy and Cultural Memory of Bodies in World Culture | One-day conference, University of Warwick, May 22, 2020. Call ends...

    This conference intends to tackle the current issue of how bodies are marked, organised and produced as cultural entities that leave traces into the world imagery after their total or partial material dissolution. Particularly, the conference’s goal is to gather an interdisciplinary network of scholars exploring the way in which the body, or parts of it, is preserved and remembered in time in different aspects of cultural representation, in order to evaluate its cultural impact.

    Call for Chapter Proposals | Female Body Image in Contemporary Indian Literature and Popular Culture (Edited collection; publishing interest from Routledge). Call ends August 31, 2020

    Through critically informed narrative analysis of contemporary literature, films, web series, advertisements, newspaper columns, and social media postings, among others, Female Body Image in Contemporary Indian Literature and Popular Culture attempts to bring together essays that highlight how millions of Indian women languish under the everyday experience of beauty labor hoping to appear normatively beautiful.

    Call for Abstracts | The Speculative Body: Race, Gender and Sexuality in the Televisual Imagination | Call ends October 15, 2018

    We understand “body” in a broad sense, both encompassing but also expanding outside of the (presumed) domains of gender, race, and sexuality to question and destabilize the boundaries of both the human and the national “body”. All disciplines are welcome, but writers must anchor their analysis in a televisual story accessible to US audiences.

    Call for Abstracts | “Somaesthetics and Sport” | Special Volume of Studies in Somaesthetics. Call ends November 15, 2018

    We welcome contributions from scholars, from any discipline and on any aspect of sport, with an interest in cultivating the dialogue between sport and somaesthetics. We are interested not only in applications of somaesthetics to sport, but in ways that the study of sport may contribute new questions, topics, and methods to somaesthetics.

    Call for Papers | Commentary & Criticism on “Corporeal Media” | Feminist Media Studies. Call ends September 15, 2018

    It is time for feminist media studies to refocus its attention on the body. Inspired by both old and new materialisms, we welcome essays that address embodied experiences, physical symptoms, labor practices and corporeal regimes that speak to ways of knowing massively-distributed media networks and/or sketch new directions for feminist media studies.

    Call for Papers | ”Till saken i etnologiska studier i sport och fysisk aktivitet” | Specialsession vid Nordiska etnolog- och folkloristkongressen, den 12-15 juni 2018, Uppsala. Deadline för abstracts:...

    Syftet med denna session är att samla forskare i Norden som arbetar etnografiskt med studier av sport och fysisk aktivitet, för gemensamma diskussioner kring betydelsen av etnografiska metoder i förståelsen av olika fenomen på detta fält, inklusive den fysiska kroppen, alltså själva ”saken” i sport och idrottsutövning.

    Call for Papers | “Fat and Physical Activity” | Special issue of Fat Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Body Weight and Society. Call ends December 2017

    This special issue invites contributions across a range of disciplines and methodological and theoretical approaches within fat studies that pursue questions advancing knowledge about physical activity, fat, health and wellbeing.

    Call for Papers | Posing the Body: Stillness, Movement, and Representation |6–7 May 2016, University of Westminster & Somerset House, London

    This symposium will assert the importance of pose as both a creative practice and an emerging area of critical inquiry. It will bring together multi-disciplinary academics and practitioners to discuss and develop new ways of understanding pose and posing in a historical and contemporary context.
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