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    Constructive collaboration brings together particularities into a comprehensive body of knowledge

    Sport and physical activity are embedded in our education systems and in wider society. Education in Sport and Physical Activity: Future Directions and Global Perspectives, edited by Karen Petry & Johan de Jong (Routledge) takes the broadest possible look at this topic. In his clever review, Joacim Andersson finds that when scholars reach a point where their paths intersect, they sit down and listen to one another, and that stories that don’t really connect just need someone (or occasionally 47 scholars) to open a gallery for them.

    Journal of Sport for Development, Vol. 6, 2017, Issue 10

    The Journal of Sport for Development (JSFD) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal focused on publishing research from the Sport for Development sector. JSFD’s mission is to examine, advance and disseminate evidence, best practices, and lessons learned from Sport for Development programmes and interventions.
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