Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, Volume 6, 2017, Issue 2

Doping in sport: Do parents matter?
Page 115-128
Erickson, Kelsey; Backhouse, Susan H.; Carless, David

A social identity approach to understanding the conditions associated with antisocial behaviors among teammates in female teams.
Page 129-142
Benson, Alex J.; Bruner, Mark W.; Eys, Mark

Athletes’ affective profiles within competition situations: A two-wave study.
Page 143-157
Martinent, Guillaume; Nicolas, Michel

Development and validation of the Characteristics of Resilience in Sports Teams Inventory.
Page 158-178
Decroos, Steven; Lines, Robin L. J.; Morgan, Paul B. C.; Fletcher, David; Sarkar, Mustafa; Fransen, Katrien; Boen, Filip; Vande Broek, Gert

Manipulating implicit beliefs about decision-making ability affects decision-making performance under submaximal physiological load.
Page 179-187
Spindler, David J.; Allen, Mark S.; Vella, Stewart A.; Swann, Christian

National franchise members’ perceptions of the exercise psychosocial environment, ownership, and satisfaction.
Page 188-198
Moore, E. Whitney G.; Fry, Mary D.

The moderating role of narcissism on the reciprocal relationship between self-efficacy and performance.
Page 199-214
Beattie, Stuart; Dempsey, Chelsey; Roberts, Ross; Woodman, Tim; Cooke, Andrew

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