Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, Volume 5, 2016, Issue 3

sepp-dsEffects of anxiety on anticipation and visual search in dynamic, time-constrained situations.
Page 179-192
Vater, Christian; Roca, André; Williams, A. Mark

Going pro: Exploring adult triathletes’ transitions into elite sport.
Page 193-205
Sanders, Phoebe; Winter, Stacy

Self-focused attention and motor skill failure: The moderating role of action orientation.
Page 206-217
Gröpel, Peter

A latent profile transition analysis of coping within competitive situations.
Page 218-231
Martinent, Guillaume; Nicolas, Michel

Youth life skills training: Exploring outcomes and mediating mechanisms of a group-randomized trial in physical education.
Page 232-246
Pesce, Caterina; Marchetti, Rosalba; Forte, Roberta; Crova, Claudia; Scatigna, Maria; Goudas, Marios; Danish, Steve J.

Exercise in challenging times: The predictive utility of identity, self-efficacy, and past exercise.
Page 247-258
Strachan, Shaelyn M.; Perras, Mélanie G. M.; Brawley, Lawrence R.; Spink, Kevin S.

Effect of self-talk and imagery on the response time of trained martial artists.
Page 259-265
Hanshaw, George O.; Sukal, Marlon

Retirement experiences of elite ballet dancers: Impact of self-identity and social support.
Page 266-279
Willard, Victoria C.; Lavallee, David

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