Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, Volume 12, 2023, Issue 1



Open Access
Advancing open science and methodological rigor in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology.
Beauchamp, Mark R.

Sport Psychology

Does pregame “compulsive action” truly help athletes? Ritualized behavior enhances physical self-control.
Yun, Dongting; Zhang, Liwei; Qiu, Yue

The effects of authentic leadership on athlete outcomes: An experimental study.
Malloy, Ella; Kavussanu, Maria; Mackman, Thomas

Exercise Psychology

A just-in-time adaptive intervention to enhance physical activity in the SMARTFAMILY2.0 trial.
Fiedler, Janis; Seiferth, Caroline; Eckert, Tobias; Woll, Alexander; Wunsch, Kathrin


“It’s a core part of who I am”: A qualitative analysis of running group and runner role identities in the context of running group disbandment.
Kullman, Sasha M.; Semenchuk, Brittany N.; Strachan, Shaelyn M.

Performance Psychology

The rank dynamics of integrating new members: The process of hierarchical crafting.
Benson, Alex J.; McGregor, Alexander J.; Martin, Luc J.; Allen, Natalie J.; Bruner, Mark W.

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