Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, Volume 11, 2022, Issue 1

Sport Psychology

“Go after the fatty”: The problematic body commentary referees hear—and experience—in adolescent girls’ sport.
Pages 1-11.
Murray, Ross M.; Lucibello, Kristen M.; Pila, Eva; Maginn, Drew; Sandmeyer-Graves, Allison; Sabiston, Catherine M.

Understanding and recognizing high-performance swimmers’ well-being.
Pages 12-27.
Uzzell, Katie S.; Knight, Camilla J.; Hill, Denise M.

The role of mental health protection and promotion among flourishing Canadian university sport coaches.
Pages 28-43.
Pankow, Kurtis; Mosewich, Amber D.; McHugh, Tara-Leigh F.; Holt, Nicholas L.

Looking back to move forward: Recently retired Olympians’ perspectives of factors that contribute to and undermine athlete well-being.
Pages 44-60.
Sauvé, Jeffrey L.; O’Rourke, Joseph J.; Wilson, Brian; Bundon, Andrea; Beauchamp, Mark R.

Exercise Psychology

An early phase trial testing the proof of concept for a gamified smartphone app in manipulating automatic evaluations of exercise.
Pages 61-78.
Rasera, Magne; Jayasinghe, Harshani; Parker, Felix; Short, Camile E.; Conroy, David E.; Jackson, Ben; Dimmock, James A.; Rhodes, Ryan E.; de Vries, Hein; Vandelanotte, Corneel; Rebar, Amanda L.

The multidimensionality of the physical fitness self-concept: A recommendation to consider competence and affect components in childhood.
Pages 79-92.
Henning, Lena; Tietjens, Maike; Dreiskämper, Dennis.

Performance Psychology


Testing interventions for music performance under pressure: A randomized controlled study.
Pages 93-105.
Lubert, Veronika J.; Gröpel, Peter.

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