Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal, Volume 3, Issue 1


Corporate brand relationships: the case of TOYOTA F1 Racing Team
Authors: Abel Tasiyana Kahuni, Jennifer Rowley
Article Type: Case study
Keywords: Brand-web, Corporate branding, Sponsorship networks, Sponsorship relationships, Sports, Title sponsorship
Page Numbers: 8 – 18
Year: 2013

The relationship between ownership structure and club performance in the English Premier League
Authors: Robert Wilson, Daniel Plumley, Girish Ramchandani
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: English Premier League, Football, Football finance, Football ownership models, Profit maximization, Sports, Utility maximization
Page Numbers: 19 – 36
Year: 2013

Annika Sörenstam – a hybrid personal sports brand
Authors: Kenneth Cortsen
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Annika Sörenstam, Corporate social responsibility, Personal branding, Sponsorship, Sports branding
Page Numbers: 37 – 62
Year: 2013

Sports teams and equipment manufacturers going international: The strategic leverage of co-branding
Authors: André Richelieu, Michel Desbordes
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Co-branding, Equipment makers, Football, France, Internationalization, Sports marketing, Sports teams
Page Numbers: 63 – 77
Year: 2013

Actual self-concept versus ideal self-concept: An examination of image congruence and consumers in the health club industry
Authors: Jeremy I. Abel, Cheryl L. Buff, John C. O’Neill
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Actual self-image, Conspicuous consumption situation, Consumer behaviour, Health clubs, Ideal self-image, Image congruence, Self, Self-concept, Self-congruity, United States of America
Page Numbers: 78 – 96
Year: 2013


The real legacy of London 2012: a healthy, vibrant and maturing sport business research culture

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