Recreational Sports Journal, Vol. 41, 2017, Issue 1


Editor’s Corner
Paul R. Milton

Original Research

A Five-Year Comparison of High-Risk Behaviors in Collegiate Recreation: Overtraining and Eating Disorders—An Exploratory Study
Adrian A. Shepard, Cathy Jewell, Katie Kage, and Mick Lynch

Sound Intensity Levels of Volume Settings on Cardiovascular Entertainment Systems in a University Wellness Center
Garrett Nathan, Frederick Britten, and Jeffrey Burnett

Recreational Sport Participant Attitudes Toward Lesbians and Gay Men: An Exploratory Study of Participation, Religion, Socioeconomic Status, and Sexual Identity
Austin R. Anderson

Perceptions of Higher Education Administrators Regarding the Role of Club Sports in the Recruitment and Retention of Male Students
Anthony G. Weaver, Drew J. Forte, and Cara W. McFadden

I Use the Student Recreation Center, but I Would Use It More if … : Understanding Male and Female Constraints to Student Recreation Center Use
Christopher L. Stankowski, Nate E. Trauntvein, and Stacey L. Hall

Recreation Center Utilization Affects Academic Outcomes
LesleyAnne Roddy, Rachael J. Pohle-Krauza, and Becky Geltz

Institutional Type and Campus Recreation Department Staff as a Mediating Factor for Diversity/Multicultural Training
Lance P. Kaltenbaugh, Jennifer Parsons, Kenneth Brubaker, Wesley Bonadio, and Jonathan Locust

Campus Recreation Use and Health Behaviors Among College Students in Different Academic Disciplines
Patrick C. Gathman, Nicole R. Grabowski, Julia Wallace Carr, and Mikel K. Todd

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