Physical Culture and Sport. Studies and Research, Volume 80, Issue 1

Serving the Health Care and Leisure Needs of Ethnic Aged in Canada: Implications and Concerns
George Karlis, Aida Stratas, Marianna Locke, François Gravelle, Genie Arora
Page 5

The Business of Sport, Sledging and the Corruption of Play – an Interpretation through a Huizingian-Bourdieu Lens
Samuel Keith Duncan
Page 15

Knowledge and Attitude of Hungarian Athletes towards Long-term Sports Injuries
Tünde Szabó, Miklós Stocker, Balázs Győrffy, András Nemes
Page 27

The Chain Reaction Between the Media and Sport. The Impact of Rule Changes in Handball
Zoltan Marczinka, Andrea Gál
Page 39

Hero and Antihero: An Ethic and Aesthetic Reflection of the Sports
Carlos Rey Perez
Page 48

Talent Selection and Management in View of Relative Age: the Case of Swimming
Nikoletta Nagy, Gyöngyi Földesi,  Csaba Sós,  Csaba Ökrös
Page 57

Núria Puig: A Biographical-Professional Outline
Núria Puig, Susanna Soler, Anna Vilanova
Page 68

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