Physical Culture and Sport. Studies and Research, Volume 79, Issue 1

Hermenuticals of Human Movement and Sport: Holism and Harmony
Ivo Jirásek, Emanuel Hurych, Josef Oborný
Page 5

“We show that we are men”: the Dominant Masculinity Profile of the Portoan Ultra-groups
Daniel Seabra
Page 16

Segmentation by Motivational Factors of Fantasy Football Consumers and Differences Among Segments
Demirhan Oğuzhan, Eskiler Ersin, Altunışık Remzi
Page 24

Etes-vous pret? Partez! – The Late Start of Women Rowers
Anna Alliquander, Tímea Tibori
Page 34

The Positive Effects of a Combined Program of Creative Dance and BrainDance on Health-Related Ouality of Life as Perceived by Primary School Students
Olga Theocharidou, Georgios Lykesas, Ioannis Giossos, Dimitrios Chatzopoulos, Maria Koutsouba
Page 42

Challenges That Make/Break the Athlete’s Quest to Become an Entrepreneur: A Qualitative Study About Fans’ Perceptions
Syed Ali  Hasaan, Shahid Nawaz, Syed Javed Iqbal,  Jawaria Khalid
Page 53

Karate: Emotions and Movement Anticipation
Danilo Contiero, Jerzy Kosiewicz, Julien S. Baker
Page 62

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