Open Call for Papers | Journal of Emerging Sport Studies, Volume 2

The Journal of Emerging Sport Studies (JESS) invites submissions for its second volume of academic research and commentary in the growing field of sport studies.

An independent online open-access journal, our purpose is to develop a more responsive publication process that considers the needs of the researcher, while maintaining the high standards of peer-review and editorial oversight that is demanded of the most esteemed academic scholarship.

Our scope is broad so as to include scholarly research from a variety of different disciplines which emulates the multi-faceted reality of sport itself. We accept articles based on original research, critical commentaries featuring original insights into issues which affect the landscape of sport today, and book reviews/essays.

With the online publication of our first volume in October 2018, we are currently indexed through Google Scholar and are expected to join the Director of Open Access Journals soon.

Interested authors are encouraged to visit our website at www.emergingsportstudies.cato find out more about the journal and submission details. Submissions can be received via email at


    • Taylor McKee
    • Andrew Pettit
    • Jared Walters
Twitter: @emergingsport


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