Open Call for Article Summaries |, which so often publishes Calls for Papers for all sorts of events and special issues and anthologies and whatnot, is now launching its own Call. We would like members of the sport studies community who have published a scientific article in a scholarly journal recently to offer’s readers an extended summary of the article—fuller than just the obligatory abstract. We think that an article of 7,000+ words can hardly be given a fair and sensible representation with an abstract of 2–300 words. We rather think that around 1000 words would be a suitable format.

The form of this summarey may depend on the original article; do you want to emphasize results, or is the application of methodology or theory development noteworthy, or would a general summary, an expanded abstract, suffice? Scottish sport historian Wray Vamplew, who has contributed to the forum with this format, called it a paraphrase, literally to “express the meaning of something written or spoken using different words, especially to achieve greater clarity”—and that’s exactly what we want to achieve.

We think it’s an obvious win-win; we get a text to publish that increases the forum’s informational value and keeps the readers up to date with current research, and with a rather modest effort on your part you reach a larger group of readers through our broad but niche readership, many of whom will surely move on to the original article.

This is an open call. Submissions are considered and published as they enter our mailbox. So please get started. Send a Word document containing an extended summary of your recently published article in a scholarly sport studies journal, c. 1,000–1,200 words, and a link to the original article webpage. Whether the original publication is open access or not is of no consequence. Send your manuscript as a Word document attachment to Any queries may go to that same address.

Previous contributions from this Call are here: