Konferens: Leveraging the Legacies of Sports Mega-Events

Följande Linkedin-meddelande landade i forumets mailbox häromdagen, från forummedarbetaren Russell Holden.

You may be interested in the event detailed below co-sponsored by the Political Studies Association Sport and Politics Group which I am heavily involved in. 

Leveraging the Legacies of Sports Mega-Events

University of Birmingham, 30 November/1 December 2012 

This event brings together experts to discuss how previous states have leveraged sports mega-events and what can future hosts learn from the past. To this end, the first day explores previous international experience of hosting sports mega-events with leading UK-based and international scholars from South Africa, India, the US, Canada and China presenting their ideas. The 2nd day of the workshop is given over to a focus on Brazil and their hosting of not one but two major sports ‘megas’. 

For further details please contact Dr Jonathan Grix 


Use the link below to book your place: 


This event is being co-sponsored by the Political Studies Association’s Sport and Politics Specialist Study Group

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