Journal of Sports Economics, Vol. 18, 2017, No. 1

Subsidies and Stadia’ Opulence by Geoffrey Propheter
Geoffrey Propheter
 is a property tax analyst at the New York City Independent Budget Office. His research has appeared in Public Finance Review, Public Budgeting & Finance, and Growth and Change.

Risk-Averse Team Owners and Players’ Salaries in Major League Baseball by Anthony C. Krautmann
Anthony C. Krautmann
, professor of Economics at DePaul University, received his PhD from the University of Iowa in 1985. He has published extensively in the field of Sports Economics and the Economics of Uncertainty.

Production, Efficiency, and Corruption in Italian Serie A Football by Fiona Carmichael, Giambattista Rossi & Denis Thomas
Fiona Carmichael
 is professor of Labour Economics at Birmingham Business School at the University of Birmingham, UK. Her main research interests include sports labour markets, participation in sports and exercise, paid and unpaid work and ageing labour markets.
Dennis Thomas is a professor of Economics at Aberystwyth University. His extensive research on the economics of professional team sports has generated a long-list of journal articles and book chapters investigating the determinants of attendance demand, the home-field effect, transfer markets, and production and efficiency aspects. Several articles have also been selected for reprinting in various edited volumes.
Giambattista Rossi is Lecturer of Sport Management at Birkbeck University of London, UK. His main research interests include sports labour markets, production function in sport, sport agents and team diversity in sport.

You Lose, I Feel Better  by Ender Demir & Ugo Rigoni
Ender Demir
 is an assistant professor at Istanbul Medeniyet University. His research interests include behavioral finance, corporate finance, and sports economics.
Ugo Rigoni is an associate professor of corporate finance and financial institutions at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. His research interests cover financial management and behavioral finance, including issues related to sports economics.

On Winning Probabilities, Weight Categories, and Home Advantage in Professional Judo by Alex Krumer
Alex Krumer
, PhD is a faculty member in Department of Economics and Business Administration, at Ariel University in Israel. His current research interests are in the fields of sports economics, gender economics and contest theory.

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