Journal of Sports Economics Vol. 16, No. 6, August 2015

Special Issue: Papers from the 2014 WEAI/NAASE Conference Sports Economics Sessions

jse-dsEditorial: Editors’ Introduction
Michael A. Leeds and Peter von Allmen

Price Elasticity of Demand in the Secondary Market: Evidence From the National Football League
Mark A. Diehl, Joel G. Maxcy, and Joris Drayer

Trends in NCAA Athletic Spending: Arms Race or Rising Tide?
Adam Hoffer, Brad R. Humphreys, Donald J. Lacombe, and Jane E. Ruseski

Positional WAR in the National Football League
Andrew Hughes, Cory Koedel, and Joshua A. Price

Historical Time Series Perspectives on Competitive Balance in NCAA Division I Basketball
Brian M. Mills and Steven Salaga

Does Stableford Scoring Incentivize More Aggressive Golf?
Jose M. Garcia and E. Frank Stephenson

What is a Blue Chip Recruit Worth? Estimating the Marginal Revenue Product of College Football Quarterbacks
Peter K. Hunsberger and Seth R. Gitter

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