Journal of Sport History Volume 39 (2) Summer 2012

Editor’s Note

Forum Endurance

Enduring Heroes: Hillary, Bannister, and the Epic Challenges of Human Exploration
Theresa Walton, Susan Birrell

Women’s Cycle Racing: Enduring Meanings
Shelley Lucas

Running with the Masses: A History of the Clydesdale Movement
Laura Frances Chase

Commentary: The Allure of the Tortoise
Sarah K. Fields


Dissenting Voices: The Discourse of Competition in The Sportswoman
Lynn E. Couturier

The Study of Chui Wan, a Golf-like Game in the Song, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties of Ancient China
Gui Yan, Zhang Tianju, Han Liebao

Honor Address

Concepts of Capital: An Approach Shot to the History of the British Golf Club before 1914
Wray Vamplew

Book Reviews

Sports Justice: The Law and the Business of Sports (review)
Thomas M. Hunt

Turbulent Seasons: Baseball in 1890–1891, and: Under Pallor, Under Shadow: The 1920 American League Pennant Race That Rattled and Rebuilt Baseball, and: Wins, Losses, and Empty Seats: How Baseball Outlasted the Great Depression (review)
Joseph F. Stoltz III

Cuban Star: How One Negro-League Owner Changed the Face of Baseball (review)
Jorge Iber
Reversing Field: Examining Commercialization, Labor, Gender and Race in 21st Century Sports Law (review)
Sarah K. Fields

A Level Playing Field: African American Athletes and the Republic of Sports (review)
Richard C. Crepeau

Italy on the Pacific: San Francisco’s Italian Americans (review)
Gerald R. Gems

Major Taylor in Australia (review)
Ari de Wilde

Idrett for alle. Norges idrettsforbund 150 år, 1861–2011 (review)
Johnny Wijk

Historical Dictionary of Tennis (review)
Keith McClellan

Historical Dictionary of Cycling (review)
Ari de Wilde

Drug Games: The International Olympic Committee and the Politics of Doping, 1960–2008 (review)
Verner Møller

Brassies, Mashies, and Bootleg Scotch: Growing Up on America’s First Heroic Golf Course (review)
George B. Kirsch

Hank Greenberg: The Hero Who Didn’t Want to Be One (review)
Zachary Ingle

Jüdischer Sport und Jüdische Gesellschaft (Jewish Sport and Jewish Community)(review)
Robin Streppelhoff

Bicycles: Vintage People on Photo Postcards (review)
Duncan R. Jamieson

Pitchers of Beer: The Story of the Seattle Rainiers (review)
Michael T. Wood

The Sport of Kings and the Kings of Crime: Horse Racing, Politics, and Organized Crime in New York, 1865–1913 (review)
Susan Hamburger

Quest for Speed: A History of Early Bicycle Racing, 1868–1903 (review)
Ari de Wilde

Crazy Basketball, A Life In and Out of Bounds (review)
Murry Nelson

The 1972 Munich Olympics and the Making of Modern Germany (review)
Amy Bass

Sometimes They Even Shook Your Hand: Portraits of Champions Who Walked among Us (review)
Gregory H. Wolf

Wishbone: Oklahoma Football, 1959–1985 (review)
Brian M. Ingrassia

Wrigley Regulars: Finding Community in the Bleachers (review)
Michael T. Wood

Cricket and Broadcasting (review)
Duncan Stone

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